Victory Corner Duty Roster
Jan 2018      

Combat Motorcycle & Jewish War Vets  

Feb 2018    TREA Chapter 88 & MOAA
Mar 2018DAV 29 & VFW Post 9191
Apr 2018MOPH 1876 & KWV Chapter 222
May 2018WAC Chapter 94
Jun 2018VVA 1000
Jul 2018 48/8 V 1031 & Bell/Coryell County VSO
Aug 2018 AMVETS,, SF Chap 77 & BEITZ
Sep 2018 AL Post 223
Oct 2018 VFW Post 9192, RWB, AL Post 573 & LULAC
Nov 2018 SG-VHV 
Dec 2018 SG-VHV 
AVAC Agreement with Fort Hood Garrison
In an agreement with the Fort Hood Garrison Commander and Command Sergeant Major, around 2003, after Soldiers begin returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Area Veterans Advisory Committee addressed the possibility of local veterans organization taking responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of "Victory Corner."   
As a result, AVAC has asked member veteran organizations to display a wreath and keep the area maintained.  Organizations are only responsible for picking up trash around the area and report to the Fort Hood Garrison if the grass needs cutting. 
 History of Victory Corner
Nearly 26 years ago soldiers returning from "Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm" headed from Robert Gray Army Airfield to Fort Hood.  On the corner of Clarke Road and U.S. Highway 190 hundreds of people gathered with banners, flags and signs to welcome the soldiers coming home.  This marked the beginning of what we now call "Victory Corner."
 Local residents came out in droves between the spring and fall of 1991 to welcome more than 26,000 Fort Hood soldiers back from "Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm."  A core of regulars practically made the corner of Clarke Road and U.S. Highway 190 their home during those joyous months.  Perhaps the two most well-known were Big Joe Lombardi and retired Command Sergeant Major Theron "Sarge" Johnson.
Of the 134 flights that brought Fort Hood troops back in 1991, Big Joe missed two and Sarge missed one.  Big Joe manned the "Road Hog," a remote truck where he broadcast the homecomings through what was then KOOV 103.1 FM
While on the air one day, Big Joe dispatched a message from "Victory Corner."  The name stuck and a cardboard sign dubbing the area "Victory Corner" was replaced a year later with a marble marker and flagpole.
Almost all returning soldiers pass by Victory Corner in route from Robert Gray Army Airfield to Fort Hood.